Blue Fire Ethiopian Opal Cabochon Loose Gemstone Mix Shape Size Bunch Lots For Jewelry

This product has a minimum quantity of 30

Ethiopian Opal are highly valued for their bright flashes of colour. Ethiopian opals are nobby-formed rather than seam-formed and have a characteristically brown or dark-nodule potch. Ethiopian opals with their vivid sunburnt green and red flashes and patterns are prized by collectors. Welo is a new field that has been mined in the last few years that produces more opals in a crystal formation than the more predominant Ethiopian opals. These Welo opals are highly valued for their bright colours. Interestingly enough, it’s only a recent occurrence that Ethiopian opals have been mined compared to the other types of opals in the market. However, anthropologists report that around 4,000 years B.C. that the early man used opals to make tools, this means that Africans mined opals even before Australians.