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A plain piece of jewelry can never go wrong but for special occasions when you are the shining star among the masses then you literally need to adorn yourself a bit more. Today there is a huge demand for fashion jewelry which has gemstone embellishments in rings, necklaces, earrings, and bangles. So to fulfill your demand and to help you in a more organized manner, we have designed this online platform of Casa De Plata where we have presented our range of loose gemstones which can be purchased conveniently at the cheapest price.

Our range of loose gemstones has something significant to be offered for variegated customer requirements like maybe you need heavy embellishments for your wedding jewelry or any simple stone for party jewelry; our store has a sparkling collection to surprise you with its collection. Also, we have been serving our customers with the number of precious and semi-precious gemstone studded jewelry for last so many years.

Our wholesale business of precious and semi-precious loose gemstones has all varieties of gemstones cut and polished properly so that it can be used to embellish your jewelry or any other adornment. We keep sufficient stock of gemstones to meet your requirements.

Some of the types of gemstones available in our stock are:

Cabochon: Cabochon is a type of gemstone which is cut, polished and finished in a proper shape to be used as an embellishment in the final jewelry product.  They have no faceting (flat surface) and are generally convex or oval in shape. Casa De Plata being a prime manufacturer of Cabochon stones presents you with an array of stones which are cut and polished diligently for your adornments. Casa De Plata is home to distinctive types and varied sized Cabochon stones which are perfect for your vintage, party or traditional jewelry designs.

Cut Stone: We are the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of loose cut stones. Our collection has Labradorite faceted loose gemstone, Blue Topaz, Window Druzy Pieces, Natural Titanium Druzy loose gemstone and many other distinctive varieties of gemstones which are faceted carefully so that you can customize your bracelet, necklace, earring or ring with your creativity and ideas.

Rough Stone: Michigan copper pieces, tourmaline, labradorite, apatite, citrine, peridot and many other types of loose gemstones are available for wholesale as well as retail sales. Huge discounts are available on bulk purchase.

Explore the wide range of gemstones like ruby, quartz, turquoise and many more options available in our store. “Chief quality in the cheapest price” is what makes us more compelling over other companies and lets us rule our customers’ heart with all dignity. Choose from our collection of gemstone and create & customize your jewelry with unique, distinctive designs.