Astrophyllite Rough Pieces Gemstone Mix Shape Size Wholesale Lots For Jewelry

This product has a minimum quantity of 30

Astrophyllite is golden-yellow to dark brown and usually forms as bladed crystals radiating from a common center. It gets its name from the Greek astron, meaning "star", and phyllon, meaning "leaf." It may also be translated as "star sheets," fitting because of the interwoven star shapes that the crystals sometimes form and because of its strange luster, which can be metallic in some crystals and pearly in others. Although there are occurrences of astrophyllite around the world, some of the finest crystals come from remote mountainous regions in arctic northern Russia.

Stone -  Astrophyllite

Shape - Mix Shape

Size -     Mix Size

Quality - 1st

Lot Weight - 261.00 Gms

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