Briolette Heart Shape Smoky Quartz Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Light Weight Ring

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Smoky quartz is faceted or cut into beads and cabochons. These gems are often used in rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and brooches for people who like the yellowish brown to brown color.Smoky quartz with a dark brown color is often used in men's rings and cufflinks. During the Victorian Period, dark brown stones from the Mourne Mountains of Ireland were often used in mourning jewelry.Because smoky quartz has a low price and large pieces are easily obtained, it is a favorite practice material of people who are learning to facet. It is also frequently used as a carving materialSmoky Quartz is the brown "smoky" variety of Quartz. It ranges in color from light brown to black. Despite its dark color, it is rarely opaque.

Stone          -       Smoky Quartz             
Stone Size  -       8X8 MM  
Stone Shape -     Heart Shape                                                            
Stone Color -      Brown                                                             
Stone Cutting -   Briolette                                                              

Item Type - Ring
Item Weight - 1.42 Gms
SKU - CSR-26