Rainbow Pyrite Loose Gemstone Free Shape Size Wholesale Lots For Jewelry

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Rainbow Pyrite is a term used to describe gemstones in the form of encrustations or clusters of minute crystals coating a matrix. Druzy gemstones are actually relatively rare, especially in non-quartz species. Rainbow pyrite is a relatively recent discovery and so far, it has only been found in one location in the world - Russia. Rainbow pyrite is famed for its rainbow-like iridescence, caused by differential refraction and diffraction of light. Top quality materials can shimmer with all colors of the rainbow, including gold, green, pink and blue. Pyrite is an opaque iron sulphide which usually occurs in a bright brassy yellow color and a strong, metallic luster. It earned itself the well-known nickname of "fool's gold" due to its striking similarities to actual gold. Pyrite is also sometimes known as 'iron pyrite' because of its high iron content, though it is not used as an industrial source of iron. The name pyrite is derived from 'pyr', the Greek word for 'fire', as it is known to produce sparks when struck by steel or flint. Only pyrite that exhibits iridescence is traded as rainbow pyrite druzy is the trade name for an iridescent form of 'pyrite druzy'.

Stone -  Rainbow Moonstone

Shape - Mix Shape

Size -     Mix Size

Quality - 1st

Lot Weight - 388.00 Gms

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