Brecciated Mookaite Loose Gemstone Mix Shape Size Wholesale Lots For Jewelry

This product has a minimum quantity of 30

We obtain our Mookaite and Brecciated Mookaite from a miner in Australia. He describes this material as being composed of countless numbers of microscopic organisms which were deposited as sediment in the shallow, near shore area of ancient seas. When the seas retreated, these sediments were cemented into solid rock by silica carried in groundwater, either from the radiolaria themselves or from weathered rocks nearby.So when you hear people describe this stone as a jasper or chalcedony, remember Mookaite is actually a fossiliferous sedimentary rock. The correct geological term for the formation that Mookaite occurs in is: Windalia Radiolarite.

Stone -  Yellow Onyx

Shape - Mix Shape

Size -     Mix Size

Quality - 1st

Lot Weight - 343.50 Gms

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