Blue Opal Cabochon Loose Gemstone Mix Shape Size Wholesale Lots For Jewelry

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The lustre is usually of the common vitreous type, though in some opals it may be greasy, resinous, or waxy. The lustre of natural specimens is only moderately strong, it is increased by cutting and polishing, but even then is in no way remarkable. Both common and precious varieties of opal are, as a rule, cloudy, being at the best only translucent or semi-transparent. In a pure condition the mineral is perfectly colourless, the tint of the coloured varieties is due to the presence of impurities. In colour these varieties are usually brown, yellow, or red, of various shades. Green opal is rare, black opal is known, and the cloudy varieties of milk opal are white.
Their physical properties vary considerably. Precious Opal is conspicuous amongst all others for the magnificent play of colours produced by the refraction and reflection of light in its colourless substance. common opal, and Fire Opal, yellow-red Precious Opal Opal is divided into three subgroups:
The name is derived from an Indian (Sanskrit) word for "stone". Opal consists of silica and water. The amount of water varies in different specimens.

Stone -  Blue Opal

Shape - Mix Shape

Size -     Mix Size

Quality - 1st

Lot Weight - 313.00 Gms

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