Fancy Shape Iolite Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Handmade Dangle Earrings

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The name 'iolite' originates from the Greek word 'ios' meaning 'violet'. Iolite's strong pleochroism earned it the misleading trade name of 'water-sapphire', a name now obsolete. From one direction, iolite can appear sapphire-like blue and from another, it can appear as clear as water. Furthermore, from the top view down, it can appear light golden or honey-yellow in color. 'Dichroite' is another synonym for iolite in reference to its pleochroic ability; 'dichroite' is a Greek word which loosely translates as 'two-colored rock'. Iolite is also known as 'the Viking stone' because according to Norse legend, Vikings used iolite as a polarizing filter to help them find the sun on cloudy days. It is believed that the Vikings discovered iolite deposits throughout Norway and Greenland.


Stone -            Iolite

Stone Size -    11X12, 11X16 MM

Stone Shape - Fancy

Stone Color -  Blue

Stone Cutting - Plain

Weight -              5.69 Gms

SKU -                   CSER-1024

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