Cabochon Pear Shape Blue Aragonite Gemstone 925 Silver Gold Plated Ring

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Cantonese Blue Aragonite is metamorphic gemstone. Aragonite can be found in stalactite cave formations, hot springs, mollusk shells and volcanic rock cavities. It is a polymorph of calcite, meaning they share the same chemical makeup, but have a different crystal structure.

Aragonite varieties can be opaque, translucent or transparent. This gem is available as white or colorless, violet, yellow, brown, and blue specimens. Cantonese Blue Aragonite is an opaque stone found in a gorgeous pale aqua or sky blue. This stone has a vitreous, or glass-like, luster. It possesses strong pleochroism, meaning that it appears different colors when viewed from different angles.


Stone -          Blue Aragonite

Stone Size -  15X23 MM

Stone Shape - Pear

Stone Color -  Blue

Stone Cutting - Cabochon

Weight -            7.75 Gms

SKU -                CSR-1436

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