Handcrafted Simple Designer Garnet Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ring Jewelry

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Garnet is extensively used as a gem. The name is said to have been derived from the colour of the gem varieties, red garnets having been compared to the flowers and seeds of the pomegranate-tree.

The most common colour of Garnet is red, the most usual tones being tinged with brown, yellow and violet. Green garnet, the colour of which is similar to that of the emerald, though usually more yellowish or brownish, is also cut as a gem, but less frequently. Black garnets also occur and are used in mourning jewellery. Blue is a colour conspicuous by its complete absence in the garnet group.

Amongst all varieties there are numerous specimens of perfect clearness and transparency, sometimes combined with the deepest and darkest shade of colour which are cut as gems.

Stone          -             Garnet
Stone Size  -             6X8 MM  
Stone Shape -           Oval                                                     
Stone Color -            Garnet                                                             
Stone Cutting -         Faceted                                                             

Item Type - Ring
Item Weight - 1.33 gms
SKU - CSR-174

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