Lapis Lazuli Pear Cabochon Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ring Jewelry

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 Lapis lazuli, often referred to as just 'lapis', has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years. It has been mined from Afghanistan since the early 7th millennium BC, and it was discovered in ancient burial sites throughout the Caucasus, the Mehrgarh and even as far as the Republic of Mauritania. The funeral mask for the ancient Egyptian pharaoh 'King Tut' was even discovered to have been decorated with lapis lazuli.


Stone -            Lapis Lazuli

Stone Size -    15X22 MM

Stone Shape - Pear

Stone Color -   Blue

Stone Cutting - Cabochon

Weight -            9.29 Gms

SKU -                 CSR-1449

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