Hessonite Garnet Rough Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Chain Dangle Earrings

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Nicknamed the "cinnamon stone", hessonite is a variety of grossular garnet and comes in two colors, golden and cinnamon. A perfectly colored hessonite is a bright golden orange that resembles a combination of honey and orange with an internal fire. Some hessonites have tints of red and brown with cinnamon appearance. Hessonite is common in the gem gravels of Sri Lanka and practically all hessonite is obtained from this locality, although it is also found in Africa. While the clearest gems are most prized, inclusions in hessonite are common, with unique toffee-like streaks giving hessonite an oily or even glass-like appearance.

Stone -         Hessonite Garnet

Stone Size - 8X12 MM

Stone Shape - Rough

Stone Color -  Red

Stone Cutting - Uncut

Weight -            8.92 Gms

SKU -               CSER-2089

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