Cabochon Pear Shape Orthoceras Gemstone 925 Silver Gold Plated Ring Jewelry

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Orthoceras are the fossilized form of marine animal that have got extinct and belongs to Cephalopod family. These were found in the past about 500 million of years ago and are the ancestors of octopus and squid that are the modern marine animals. The length of these fossils ranges from some inches to above 6 feet. These were having the ability to crawl as well as swim on the floor of the oceans. This was happened because of the air that got filled in their shells which made them float. Like the squid that is found today, these fossils had ink sacs and tentacles. After these got dead, their shells were seen mounted up on the floor of the seas, covered by the sediments.  These were then converted into stone.


Stone -           Orthoceras

Stone Size -   18X29 MM

Stone Shape - Pear

Stone Color -  Multi

Stone Cutting - Cabochon

Weight -            16.54 Gms

SKU -                CSR-1507

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