Pave Cubic Zirconia Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Jewelry Ring

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Cubic Zirconia (abbreviated CZ) is the best-known man-made diamond simulant. A simulant is any material, natural or created by man, which imitates the appearance of a natural gem whereas a synthetic gem is man-made but must have a natural counterpart that duplicates the chemical, optical, and physical properties of the natural gem. While it's often touted as the most popular diamond simulant, cubic zirconia is also a synthetic gem. Natural crystals of cubic zirconia have only been found as inclusions in zircon.

Stone          -           Cubic Zirconia
Stone Size  -             1X1 MM  
Stone Shape -           Round                                                     
Stone Color -            White                                                             
Stone Cutting -         Faceted                                                              

Item Type - Ring
Item Weight - 0.92 gms
SKU - CSR-45

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