925 Sterling Silver Aquamarine Rough Gemstone Gold Plated Handmade Ring

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Aquamarine is a blue to green-blue gem-quality variety of beryl. The beryl group of gemstones is most famous for chromium-rich green emerald, one of the 'precious four' gems (diamond, sapphire and ruby are the remaining three). Aquamarine is an official birthstone for those born in March. Aquamarine is exceptionally hard and has an outstanding vitreous glass-like luster. It is most famous for its breathtaking sea-blue colors which can range from pale light blue to medium-dark blue. The name 'aquamarine' was derived from an old Latin expression which meant 'seawater'.

Stone -         Aquamarine

Stone Size -  7X10 MM

Stone Shape - Rectangle

Stone Color -  Blue

Stone Cutting - Rough

Weight -           3.35 Gms

SKU -               CSR-480

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