Rectangle Aqua Chalcedony Round Cubic Zirconia Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ring

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Chalcedony is a gemstone species which belongs to the quartz group of minerals. Technically, chalcedony is the gemological term applicable for all varieties of quartz in cryptocrystalline form, which can occur in a wide range of different colors, sizes and patterns. However today, the term, 'chalcedony', is most often used in reference to a very specific type of cryptocrystalline quartz, often referred to as 'actual chalcedony' or 'chalcedony in the narrow sense'. To minimize confusion, other varieties of cryptocrystalline quartz are traded under their own individual trade names, such as 'banded agate', 'carnelian' or 'jasper'. The gemstone chalcedony is distinguished by translucency and its solid, lighter color, typically ranging from bluish to white or gray.

Currently the primary method of CZ synthesis employed by producers of remains to be through the skull-melting method. This method was patented by Josep F. Wenckus and coworkers (1997). This is largely due to the process allowing for temperatures of over 3000 degrees to be achieved, lack of contact between crucible and material as well as the freedom to choose any gas atmosphere. Primary downsides to this method include the inability to predict the size of the crystals produced and it is impossible to control the crystallization process through temperature changes

Primary Stone -        Aqua Chalcedony                  Secondary Stone - Cubic Zirconia
Stone Size  -             9X22 MM                                                                  1X1 MM
Stone Shape -          Rectangle                                                                 Round                                                   
Stone Color -            Sea Blue                                                                   White
Stone Cutting -         Table cut                                                                  Faceted

Item Type - Ring
Item Weight - 4.03  gms
SKU - CSR-51

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