Apatite Rough Raw Material Gemstone Handcrafted Designer 925 Silver Ring Jewelry

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Apatite that exhibits chatoyancy, or a cat's eye effect, is rare and highly sought-after. Cat's eyes are cut en cabochon to bring out their desirable qualities. Chatoyancy is a rare optical phenomenon existing only in a handful of different gem types. It is distinguished by a unique light reflection that resembles the slit eye of a cat. The effect is caused by light reflection from parallel inclusions within a stone, typically rutile needles, fibers or channels. Cat's eye reflections are best viewed in strong and direct light; when the stone is rotated, the cat's eye will appear to glide across the surface.


Stone -            Apatite

Stone Size -    10X12, 10X14, 9X13 MM

Stone Shape - Free

Stone Color -   Blue

Stone Cutting - Uncut

Weight -            11.37 Gms

SKU -                 CSR-671

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