Rectangle Shape Apache Gold Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ring

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The black host rock is a Clorite Shist, the shiny gold is Chalcopyrite.  Chalcopyrite (also sometimes known as Fool's Gold) is a high grade copper ore. 

Apache Gold is the trade name given to a lovely and elegant black and shiny metallic gold rock found in the United Verde Mine in Jerome, Arizona.

The name Apache Gold is a reference to the Apache Indians who lived in Arizona and the gold color of the Chalcopyrite.  The name Chalcopyrite is a combination from the Greek word khalkos meaning copper and the mineral pyrite.  Pyrtie is an iron sulfide. Chalcopyrite looks similar to the gold colored Pyrite, but it actually has a richer, more buttery, yellow color.

Stone -         Apache Gold

Stone Size -  16X22 MM

Stone Shape - Rectangle

Stone Color -  Multi Color

Stone Cutting - Cabochon

Weight -            13.63 Gms

SKU -                  CSR-301

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