Purple Amethyst Gemstone Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Lite Weight Jewelry Rings

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Amethyst occurs in primary hues from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. Amethyst may exhibit one or both secondary hues, red and blue.The best varieties of amethyst can be found in Shri Lanka and the far East. The ideal grade is called "Deep Siberian" and has a primary purple hue of around 75–80%, with 15–20% blue and (depending on the light source) red secondary hues.Green quartz is sometimes incorrectly called green amethyst, which is a misnomer and not an appropriate name for the material, the proper terminology being prasolite. Other names for green quartz are vermarine or lime citrine.

Stone          -             Amethyst    
Stone Size  -             8X10 MM  
Stone Shape -          Oval                                                        
Stone Color -            Purple                                                             
Stone Cutting -         Rose cut cab                                                              

Item Type - Ring
Item Weight - 1.43  gms
SKU - CSR-33

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