Briolette Oval Amethyst Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Jewelry Ring

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 this gorgeous gemstone was referred to as the “Stone of the Mind” because they believed that it was able to calm your mind and ease your emotions. Back in the Ancient Roman times, you would see Amethysts imbedded into the goblets due to its supposed ability to ward off drunkenness. There are numerous other benefits that civilizations in history believed this gemstone to have. As far as the benefits to your mental health, in addition to the ability to calm your mind and sooth your emotions the Amethyst is also believed to be able to enhance your mental activity. It could also help to resist those undesirable habits you may be struggling with as well as giving you the strength and willpower that a person will need to follow their dreams and passions in life. The Amethyst was also believed to have properties that helped your physical health. Some thought that it had the power to help improve and stabilize your metabolism. It could also help with increasing your body’s production of red corpuscles and improve the stimulation of tissue rejuvenation. Lastly, it could also be used for treating disorders involving blood sugar levels and improving the immune system.

Stone          -             Amethyst
Stone Size  -             7X10 MM  
Stone Shape -           Oval                                                     
Stone Color -            Purple                                                             
Stone Cutting -         Faceted                                                              

Item Type - Ring
Item Weight - 8.77 gms
SKU - CSR-229

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