Raw Material Rough Amazonite Tanzanite Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Handamde Jewelry Ring

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Amazonite was named after South America's Amazon River, which flows through Brazil. It was believed that amazonite was found there long ago, but mineralogists claim that no green deposits of feldspar exist in Brazil's Amazon. As a result, the stones were later assumed to be nephrite jade and not actually amazonite. Amazonite and other green feldspars do naturally occur in other areas of Brazil, just not in the Amazon River.

it is noted for its remarkably strong trichroism, appearing sapphire blue, violet and burgundy depending on the position of crystal. Tanzanite also appears differently when viewed under alternate lighting conditions. In good quality the colour is ultramarine to sapphire blue; in artificial light, it appears more amethyst violet. Zoisite Tanzanite is the blue-purple variety of
Tanzanite is called after the East African state of Tanzania, it was discovered in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania in 1967.

Primary Stone -  Amazonite Rough                       Secondary Stone - Tanzanite Rough
Stone Color -      Blue                                                                               Blue  
Stone Shape -     Free                                                                               Free

Item Type - Ring
Item Weight - 12.19 gms
SKU - CSR-69

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