Unique 925 Sterling Silver Plain Designer Hammered Band Spinner Ring Jewelry

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We have a few beautiful spinning wedding rings.There are rings in one or multiple gold colours and with or without diamonds. However, in contrast to non-spinner rings, the gold wears away very quickly. This is because gold-on-gold acts like sandpaper because of the spinning movement. This leads to wear much more quickly when compared to a ring that does not spin. How fast the ring will wear will depend on the person wearing it. The wear can only be prevented by not having the rings move.We recommend visiting your jeweller on a yearly basis. Have your rings checked and polished. If much gold has worn away, the damage will be irreparable. Unfortunately, this means that it must be replaced by a new ring, which can be expensive.


Item Type -      Rings

Item Weight -  6.21 Gms

SKU -               CSR-621

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