925 Sterling Silver Peridot Pearl Gemstone Hanging Chain Gold Plated Dangle Earrings

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Peridot is a gem-quality variety of the mineral olivine. It belongs to the forsterite-fayalite mineral series. Some even refer to peridot as 'olivine', but when it comes to the gemstone, 'peridot' is the correct term. Peridot is an idiochromatic gem, meaning its color comes from the basic chemical composition of the mineral itself and not from minor traces of impurities. Thus, peridot is found only in green. In fact, peridot is one of the few gemstones available that can be found only in one color, although the shades of green may vary from light yellowish to dark brownish-green.


Stone -          Peridot, Pearl

Stone Size -  5X7, 3X3 MM

Stone Shape - Pear Drops, Roundel Beads

Stone Color -  Green, White

Stone Cutting - Faceted

Weight -            4.39 Gms

SKU -                 CSER-1383

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