Pink Opal Oval Cabochon Gemstone 925 Silver Gold Plated Handmade Designer Ring

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Opal is famed for its ability to diffract light. The exact cause of opal's unique properties was only recently discovered by Australian scientists in the 1960s after analysis with electron microscopes. It was discovered that small spheres of silica gel caused interference, refraction and diffraction of light, resulting in opal's distinctive play of color. The varying refractive indices of the spheres and spaces between them dissect the light on its passage through the stone. As light enters the opal, it bends around the tiny particles or 'spheres' of hydrated silica, as well as 'chips' of silicon and oxygen suspended within the stone. Light is comprised of all visible colors and can produce an entire spectrum of colors when it is diffracted.


Stone -           Pink Opal

Stone Size -   15X20 MM

Stone Shape - Oval

Stone Color -  Pink

Stone Cutting - Cabochon

Weight -            6.82 Gms

SKU -                CSR-1469

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