925 Sterling Silver Chrysophrase Fancy Shape Gemstone Gold Plated Handmade Necklace

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The name chrysoprase' originates from the Greek words, 'chrusos' and 'prason', meaning 'gold' and 'leek', respectively; referring to its leek-green color and the presence of golden inclusions. Chrysoprase frequently occurs in quartz veins of nickel-bearing serpentine rocks and in weathered deposits of nickel ore materials. Chrysoprase, like all other varieties of cryptocrystalline quartz, is composed of crystals that are too fine to be seen as distinct particles, even under magnification. Unlike most chalcedony quartz varieties that are prized for their multi-colored patterns, chrysoprase is desired for its solid and vivid green color, which is reminiscent of the finest quality jade.



Stone -          Chrysophrase

Stone Size -  12X12, 6X12 MM

Stone Shape - Fancy

Stone Color - Green

Stone Cutting - Plain

Weight -            4.47 Gms

SKU -                 CSNK-148

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