925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Mulit Color Gemstone Gold Plated Stud Earrings

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Chrysocolla is known to form in oxidation zones of copper ore bodies and is a considered a minor ore for the mineral copper. Pure chrysocolla gemstones are rare. Chrysocolla often forms with other copper-bearing minerals, which results in gemstones with interesting and unique mixes of colors and mottled patterns. Some of the more common mineral mixtures include azurite (which chrysocolla often pseudomorphs with), malachite and turquoise. Chrysocolla may also form with clear druzy layers of glossy quartz, essentially forming a natural doublet. In many cases, quartz crystal may actually be intergrown with the stone and not just as druzy layers. These quartz-hybrid mixtures are harder and much more durable than pure chrysocolla, often rendering them suitable enough for jewelry use.


Stone -          Multi Color Gemstone

Stone Size -   8X10 / 8X12 / 7X10 / 10X14 MM

Stone Shape - Oval / Pear

Weight -           11.44 Gms

SKU -               CSER-2219

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