Hand picked jewels

Casa De Plata is an online platform providing a wide range of exquisite silver jewellery designs studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Jewellery adds extra glamour to your attire but only if the jewels used in it are cautiously picked. We understand your concern about the jewels used in the piece of your jewellery. So at Casa De Plata, we make sure to present you a new range of exclusively crafted silver ornaments with hand-picked jewels.

With knowledge of varities of gem running through our craftsmen’s veins, they never fail to choose unique pieces of jewels which can add an extra oomph to your look. Indian jewellery designs have gone through various transitions in the past from floral jewellery to silver and gold jewellery of today but something which has stayed constant in defining our jewellery is their sparkling elegance which they add to any attire to make it look more graceful. So we prefer hand-picked jewels which are assembled together to present you a statement silver jewellery. We at Casa De Plata prefer hand-picked jewels in the silver metal ornaments trying to craft ornaments with intricate designs so you’ll never regret your investment.